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    Beautiful foal

    Mayfield Be Brazen is a 5yo mare by Mayfield Pzazz (Jazz) out of a Whitestar x Lauries Crusador x Pic Bube mare. she has 3 quality, comfortable paces and is a pleasure to ride. Be Brazen is very bold showjumping and on XC so would make a fantastic eventer! She has an athletic build and has a great worth ethic. Be Brazen has competed preliminary dressage (training novice) and 95cm showjumping. She is green for her age only because she had a beautiful foal last season!

    Beauitul yearling, taught to lead, very friendly. Stunning movement.

    Sire: Diamond Hit

    Dam: Mayfield Be Brazen (Mayfield Pzazz x SPA Whitegril X Lauries Crusador)

Mayfield Farm was established by Kerry Mack as a professional agistment centre and Warmblood stud. Our aim is to breed horses that can excel at the highest level of competition. We have selected bloodlines for their temperament, conformation and aptitude for the work and that special quality that the Europeans call “rideability”. Read more

Currently placing in CDI-W grand prix's in CDI's all around Australia, Mayfield Pzazz was purchased as a ‘just started' young colt from Mary Hanna. From the first ride it is easy to feel that he was special, he has a special bond with humans and wants to please.

This Australian Grand Prix champion carries the bloodlines and characteristics of the most successful Dressage horses in the world today. He was undoubtedly the ‘best performed' stallion to be imported into Australia and gives breeders here the chance to upgrade the local gene pool with an infusion from the most respected and influential Dressage horses of modern times.

Articles by Kerry Mack

I read a lot of books and do like to share some of other people’s ideas that I find are helpful. Mark Rashid is a well known American trainer and writer initially from a western orientation. I have enjoyed several of his books but particularly enjoyed reading about what he had learned from the Japanese Samurai traditional self defense discipline of Aikido. He describes the master demonstrating a defensive manoeuvre, the students having great difficulty understanding how he was achieving the results. The master explained that he wasn't moving the outside of his body, only the inside. Now this is exactly what we must do to convey our more subtle aids to the horse. The horse is able to attune himself very finely to what we do on the inside of our bodies.

I have written before about making your horse a team player. You can train your horse so that he is more likely to want to do what you ask. Of course your horse would prefer to spend his day eating grass than being ridden, but when I ride I want my horses to want to do what I ask.

WE HAVE LOOKED at how you can train your horse to get the higher marks in the dressage ring. Now we will look at pirouettes. The principles of the training scale always apply: Rhythm, suppleness (including bend), contact, impulsion, straightness and collection are the six qualities we aspire to continually improve. Pirouettes require collection, the increased carrying of weight by the hind leg. Use the training scale as a checklist to determine if you are on the right track. Ensure that your walk or canter is for an 8 within the piroutte.

Latest News

At Mayfield Farm the years go by so fast. Our year started on a very grim low, with the death of Mayfield Miracle on 31/12/2013 as a result of injuries sustained in the fire. At least we knew the year could only get better. He is missed everyday. He had a wonderful, playful, outgoing personality and tried to engage people more than any other...

Dressage has been defined as 'the art of riding and training a horse in a manner that develops obedience, flexibility and BALANCE'. I believe that we don't  think enough about balance. Improving the balance of the horse is an ABSOLUTELY FUNDAMENTAL goal of training. As he becomes more collected he learns to rock weight back towards the hind...

Those of us who have reached middle age know that there are some great benefits at this time of life – we are more settled in our careers, secure financially, hopefully, our kids are becoming more independent. The years of study, of waking up at night caring for little tackers and feeling we have to do the hard yards at work have paid off, the...